Portugal Film “Films Free the Mind” [18/04/2020]

Staying at home these days is not easy. Cinema is magical because it frees our minds, as Fassbinder would say, even when we can't get off the couch. Between the 21st and the 30th of April, at 5 pm, some of the directors of the catalog of Portugal Film - Portuguese Film Agency will present their films that will be available until the 15th of May. The program will be announced on the Portugal Film Facebook page. We come together and join hands with those who have been making their films available in this quarantine time.

April 21st

Amor, Avenidas Novas by Duarte Coimbra, with Manuel Lourenço, Beatriz Luís and Marcelo Tavares

Fiction, 2018, Portugal, 20’

Manel exchanges his double mattress for the single one of his friend Nicolau, because he has a girlfriend. Both carry the mattress along Avenida Almirante Reis to Nicolau's house. On the way back, Manel interrupts a shoot where he meets Rita. The two project ideas of love.

Presentation: fb.watch/28xkhdFRr6

April 22nd

Lemon Tree by Joana Silva

Animation, 2016, UK, Portugal, 5’

Lemon tree is a film about a fictional character whose body is assembled from memories embedded in an abandoned space.

Presentation: fb.watch/28ym09xCvR

April 23rd

Farewell by Tiago Rosa-Rosso, with António Dente, Miguel Plantier and Zé Bernardino

Fiction, 2015, Portugal, 14’

Three friends are at the beach. It is the last day of summer the moon is rising. One of them decides to hold his breath until the moon appears completely in the horizon.

Presentation: fb.watch/28ym-IOx31

April 24th

War of the Worlds by Manuel Brito

Animation, 2018, Portugal, 14’

Animated film adaptation of Orson Welles' radio broadcast of Mercury Theater (1938), the great science fiction classic War of The Worlds by Herbert George Welles.

Presentation: fb.watch/28ynI7Qj6N

April 25th

The Revolution Hunter by Margarida Rêgo

Documentary, Animation, Fiction, 2014, Portugal, UK, 11’

It all started with a picture taken in 1974 in Lisbon, just after the Portuguese Revolution. She, the Revolution Hunter, tries to enter in that picture as if she could enter into a time she didn't belong and finally understand what it means to be part of a revolution or what it means to fight for a country.

Presentation: fb.watch/28ypk9bSSS/

April 26th

Mirage My Bros by Diogo Baldaia with Luis Maza, João Marcelo, Maura Carneiro, Duarte Águas and Ricardo Alves

Fiction, 2017, Portugal, 24’

An elementary school class without a teacher, a contract signing with a giant football club and a new year’s eve party. Three tales tinged with aspiration and the desire to escape express a look into a youth absorbed by the power of dreams and the harshness of reality.

Presentation: fb.watch/28CUfmcLHy

April 27th

Barehanded by Tomás Paula Marques with Guilherme Moura, Rodrigo Tomás and Martim Guerreiro

Fiction, 2016, Portugal, 15’

In an abandoned shopping center, Luis sees his best friend being assaulted. Incapable of facing it he runs away from the adolescent violence that haunts him while struggling against himself.

Presentation: fb.watch/28CYHMwfmH

April 28th

The Mesh and the Circle by Mariana Caló and Francisco Queimadela

Documentary, 2014, Portugal, Italy, 35’

The filmmakers collected testimonies of various practices related to labor, playfulness and other daily activities. Through a sequence of these activities the viewer is guided by a series of connections in a game of reciprocal actions.

Presentation: fb.watch/28C_NszCw5

April 29th

Self Destructive Boys by André Santos and Marco Leão, with João Mota, João Veloso, Miguel Cunha, Nuno Nolasco and Victor Gonçalves

Fiction, 2018, Portugal, 27’

A look at male intimacy and the mechanisms of desire, through the relationship between three boys.

Presentation: fb.watch/28D05bW5CP

April 30th

André's Eyes by António Borges Correia, with André Morais, Diogo Morais, António Morais, Francisco Morais and Laurinda Neto

Fiction, Documentary, 2015, Portugal, 65’

The story of a torn apart family seeking harmony, seen by a twelve-year-old boy.

Presentation: fb.watch/28wcJKf02L

The films can be seen here: vimeo.com/showcase/filmeslibertamacabeca