Tribute to two different generations of Portuguese Cinema at Underdox [10/10/2018]

From an idea by Marta Mateus (director of Farpões Baldios) to join her iconic film Trás-os-Montes by António Reis and Margarida Cordeiro, Dunja Bialas (from the Underdox Festival - Festival für Dokument und Experiment) built a program double called Portuguese Cinema: I "Prelude: The school of Reis" and II "The 80's Generation".
The first program The School of Reis, presented Jaime (Antonio Reis), Quem Espera por Sapatos de Defunto Morre Descalço, A Mãe, Passeio com Johnny Guitar, O Bestiário ou o Cortejo do Orfeu and Lettera Amorosa (João César Monteiro), taking us to a different world. The true meaning of Portuguese cinema was seen and listened to by curious and attentive spectators.
In the second program there are Portuguese filmmakers born in the 80's, from which stand out the names of Marta Mateus, Jorge Jácome - with his iconic and multi-award winning Flores (Blackmaria Produção), Pedro Peralta - and his eternal Ascension (Terratreme Films), Ico Costa - from Mozambique looking for Nafta - Nyo Vweta Nafta (Terratreme Films) and Salomé Lamas (a breeze in Encounters with Landscape 3X).

Tomorrow and after, on 12 and 13 October, will be the program presentations at the Cinemateca in Munich. And at the opening Godard will rhyme with César Monteiro.
Thank you Underdox - Festival für Dokument und Experiment for giving us the possibility to be part of this program.
The Portuguese Cinema again in great, through the hand of Portugal Film. From today until 17 October in Munich.