The Wolf's Lair at Doc's Kingdom [19/09/2015]

Catarina Mourão's last film - The Wolf's Lair - is selected for the 12th edition of Doc’s Kingdom International Seminar on Documentary Film, organised by Apordoc, which will run until the 25th September in Arcos de Valdevez, in the North of Portugal. 

"All the frontiers" is the subject of the seminar, which during five days will reflect about the contemporary documentary film through the political, social, artistic, and geographic borders. Catarina Mourão is one of the invited filmmakers to participate in the debates, which will take place at Casa das Artes. The Wolf's Lair is a film about the director's grandfather, a writer who has lived in Arcos de Valdevez, the city that hosts the event. In the film, the director undergoes a tenacious research where the family memories are both confronted and questioned. "The idea was to explore the memories we block, the dreams, the unconscious, and how it all is represented in cinema..."
The Lady of Chandor [1998], one of the director's earlier films, will close the seminar on the 25th September. [19/09/2015]

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