Mistida wins Take One! competition at Curtas Vila do Conde [16/07/2022]

Mistida, Falcão Nhaga's film, produced by Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema, won the Take One! Competition on the 30th edition of the Curtas Festival – Vila do Conde. The film won the two awards available in this section: Best Director and Best Film.

Jury Statement for Best Director Award:

“Using an everyday life action, the director takes us on a journey where, shot by shot and in a very subtle way, the narrative builds itself, and comes into shape using a very intimate relationship, where the surrounding space is presented to us with great thought and detail. Where the characters themselves are also space, time, rhythm and the story.”

Jury Statement for Best film Award:

“The film surprises us by using a classic language, very natural, dialoguing in between silences. The narrative takes the characters (and also the audience) to revisit the past, using a story that goes through a collective heritage and an urgency of not letting a memory fall into oblivion.”