Around Rochas Table in Locarno [04/08/2021]

A Távola de Rocha (Bando à Parte), a feature film by debutant director Samuel Barbosa, has its first screening at the Locarno Film Festival on 08.08.2021.

Director Samuel Barbosa worked with the producer and director Paulo Rocha, about whom he made this family documentary. In addition to these, he worked with directors Werner Schroeter, Fernando Lopes and Bruno Almeida. And later on he has developed projects with director and producer Rodrigo Areias.

Around Rocha's Table had its premiere in Locarno, just as Os Verdes Anos once had in the 60's with Paulo Rocha. This happy awareness brings with it a work with Paulo's brief relationship with the spaces he inhabited and the films he made, mainly his connection with Japan, its culture, its art and the people with whom he built bonds, during the ten years in which he lived in the country.

This is a memorable film in which director Barbosa demonstrates his personal relationship with Paulo's story through archival images of his childhood in Portugal and living in Asia, which he says is something “So personal and intimate”.