Berlinale Shorts Golden Bear for Batrachians Ballad [20/02/2016]

Leonor Teles is the youngest director ever to receive a Golden Bear for best short at Berlin International Film Festival. A double victory, considering Batrachian's Ballad is her first film after film school. The short has conquered both the International Competition Juty for Short Films and the audieces that have applauded her film in sold out sessions. The film is a production from Uma Pedra no Sapato / Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra, and is distributed by Portugal Film - Portuguese Film Agency.

"The genesis of BATRACHIAN’S BALLAD occurred when I learnt a surprising fact – the Portuguese tradition of placing ceramic frogs in the doorways of restaurants and other commercial premises to ward off gypsies. Through this personal tale of mine, I wanted to call attention to a growing tendency to use belief and superstition to deride other human beings and to keep them at bay." 

Leonor Teles