The Portuguese Conspiracy shows Portuguese cinema in London [12/11/2018]

The Portuguese Conspiracy shows Portuguese cinema in London on the 15th and 16th November.
The Portuguese candidate for an Oscar nomination in 2019 will be presented at the sixth edition of The Portuguese Conspiracy in London, in a partnership with Indielisboa and Instituto Camões.
The feature film, directed by João Botelho, is an adaptation for cinema of the epic book "Peregrinação", by Fernão Mendes Pinto, first printed in 1614, which reports the presence of Portuguese in the East through the author's travel chronicles. The film was chosen by the Portuguese Academy of Cinema as the Portuguese candidate for best foreign film, both for the Goya awards (Spain) and the Oscars (USA).
The program also includes Teresa Villaverde's latest feature film "Colo", which premiered in February last year at the Berlin International Film Festival and was honored with the Bildrausch Ring of Cinema Art Grand Prize at the Swiss Film Festival Bildrausch and the Sauvage Prize, the main prize of the 13th Festival "L'Europe Autour de l'Europe" in Paris.
In the program are also the short films "War of the Worlds" by Manuel Brito, an adaptation of Orson Wells' homonymous work, "Os Mortos" by Gonçalo Robalo, a documentary in which the director recalls family members who have died, and "Flores" by Jorge Jácome, one of the most awarded films in festivals, that tells us of an uncontrollable plague of hydrangeas in the Azores, which forces the population to leave the islands.

These sessions will take place on November 15th and 16th at The Castle, one of the most emblematic venues in London. Portuguese gastronomy will also be present at this celebratory event of Portuguese cinema.