Super Natural and O Trio em Mi Bemol at the Viennale [10/10/2022]

Super Natural (Ukbar Films) and The Trio em Mi Bemol (Basilisco Filmes/Gong Producciones), are the two Portuguese feature films with their Austrian premiere at the Vienna International Film Festival in 2022. The festival runs from October 20th to November 1st 2022. The Trio em Mi Bemol, a film by Rita Azevedo Gomes, is a narrative built on the only play by filmmaker Eric Rohmer and is a comedy about the remarriage of a divorced couple. Monologues about love, passion and in which the title composition, "Kegelstatt Trio" by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, plays an important role. Super Natural, Jorge Jácome's first feature film, on the other hand is a documentary fiction about a group of young people in contexts different from their daily lives in balance with an eccentric cybernetic monologue, as a communication tool between the two worlds: the artificial and natural.