Please Make It Work, by Daniel Soares, in world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival [03/08/2022]

Please Make It Work is the third short film by director Daniel Soares and will premiere tomorrow at the Locarno Film Festival, in the Pardi di domani: Special Event section, in a session entitled "Let's Make Something!"

The film, produced by the Locarno Festival, with the support of the Ticino Film Commission and the Fondazione Majid, was made during a residency at Locarno Film Academy, which took place in Locarno last March (2022), in which director Michelangelo Frammartino mentored twelve promising young international filmmakers, accompanying them in an exercise in exploring the deep meaning of images. A series of new perspectives to interpret the landscape of Ticino, Switzerland.


Cláudia is a Portuguese immigrant who deals with a terrorizing boss, her rejecting daughter and the strong mountain wind, as she cleans sophisticated AirBnB’s in the Swiss Alps.

2022, Switzerland, Portugal, 14'

Director: Daniel Soares
Script: Daniel Soares
Cinematography: Valerio Picchi, Daniel Soares
Sound: Janush Lucchini, Shair Cruz Bahamonde, Inês Adriana
Editing: Daniel Soares
Music: Moullinex
​Production: Daniel Soares, Romina Orsini / Kid with a Bike, Daniela Persico / Locarno Film Festival, Ticino Film Commission, RSI - Radiotelevisione svizzera, CISA
Cast: Cláudia Rodrigues, Nancy Rodrigues, Kim Leeuwenburg, Jacopo Scacchi

Distribution and Sales:
Portugal Film - Portuguese Film Agency