Gypsophila and Here in Lisbon - Episodes of a City at Torino Film Festival [20/11/2015]

Gypsophila, Margarida Leitão's most recent film will be presented at 33rd edition of Torino Film Festival, one of the most prestigious European film festivals. The film is part of the International Documentary Competition where it makes its International Premiere.
In this film, Margarida Leitão shoots her visits to her grandmother. In the quiet home, the camera captures the unique relation between these two women 50 years apart. As days go by, the lines between film and life become increasingly blurred. Gypsophila comes out of the urge to film a very intimate and close reality before time changes it forever: my relationship with my grandmother. 

The film is screened on the 22nd, at 12:00 at Cinema Lux 1, 27th, at 17:00, and 28th at 20:00 at Cinema Lux 2. Margarida Leitão will be in Turin presenting and debating the two last sessions.  

Portugal Film also presents in Turin the film Here in Lisbon - Episodes of a City, by Denis Côté, Dominga Sotomayor, Gabriel Abrantes and Marie Losier. After its international premiere in Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, last October, this IndieLisboa production has its European premiere in the 33rd edition of Torino International Film Festival, in the Onde section.
The film offers a loose gaze over the city: "Welcome to Lisbon: there are mermaids by the Tagus and birds flying over the old city; there are mad scientists and singing fish; lost tourist guides and lost tourists; fado and sad guitars. What a weird city you may think - but no. Lisbon is about being different, sarcastic, welcoming to foreigners even in an economic crisis. Different directors became fascinated by our strangeness. We became fascinated by these directors. The city is never the same in these four episodes, here in Lisbon."

The film will be presented on the 23rd, 21:30 at Cinema Massimo 2 and the session will be hosted by Marie Losier (director) and Miguel Valverde (producer), and will be again shown on the 24th, 20:00, at Cinema Reposi 5, and on the 25th, 9:00, also at Cinema Reposi 5.

Torino Film Festival runs from today until the 28th November. For more information visit: