Focus on Portuguese Cinema at FeKK - Ljubliana Short Film Festival [25/08/2019]

In cooperation with Portugal Film, portuguese cinema was the target of a retrospective at  FeKK - Ljubliana Short Film Festival, in Slovenia. The selection presented by Carlos Ramos, director of IndieLisboa - Cultural Association and the Festival IndieLisboa, was part of the festival section entitled FeKKSTIVAL and featured the films Amor, Avenidas Novas, by Duarte Coimbra (Escola Superior de Teatro e Cinema - IPL) and Batrachian's Ballad, by Leonor Teles (Uma Pedra no Sapato). This initiative is found itself in the programming of the Slovenian festival, which is visited every year by another festival that brings with it a selection of short films from its previous editions.