Tribute to Sérgio Tréfaut at LEFFEST – Lisbon and Sintra Film Festival, 2022 [09/11/2022]:

Every year the Lisbon and Sintra Film Festival – LEFFEST, provides space for retrospectives of the work of distinguished filmmakers. In 2022, the festival gave rise to a retrospective of the works of Sérgio Tréfaut. The multi-award winning director, frequent in several international festivals, is mentioned by the festival as a professional “(...) provocative, in language that is rarely indifferent in political terms (...)” and “Assumes opinions, issues criticism and gives a platform to forgotten and silenced voices”.

Some of his films are present in this year's LEFFEST program. Among them his most recent film “The Bride” (2022) which was part of the Official Selection of this year's Venice Festival, in the Orizzonti section, “Alcibíades”, “Alentejo, Alentejo”, “Interview with Robert Kramer”, “Fleurette”, “Lisboetas”, which is about new immigrants in today’s Lisbon and which won the award for best Portuguese film at IndieLisboa 2004, “Outro País”, “Paraíso-Memórias que make sing”, “Raiva”, “Treblinka” , “Waiting for Paradise”, “Journey to Portugal” and “The City of the Dead”.

Tréfaut was born in São Paulo in 1965, but at the age of ten he started living between Paris and Lisbon due to the Brazilian military dictatorship. He spent forty years outside Brazil and now lives in Rio de Janeiro.