Who are we?

PORTUGAL FILM – Portuguese Film Agency


Entering the fifth year of existence it can be said that Portugal Film has achieved its goals. We have placed most of our films in the main film festivals worldwide where they have been awarded, critically acclaimed, and requested by other festivals further extending the reach of each and every film.

Simultaneously we have opened new grounds by placing films in competition in festivals where never before a Portuguese production had been selected or witnessing the youngest director ever to receive a golden bear. The proximity with the directors of the films we represent is our major concern – we want not only that their films travel but that the directors can follow them and share their talent, returning with new ideas and new films.

More and more we are approached by new directors who see in us the opportunity to have their films seen worldwide. We maintain our search for new talents representing not only more established filmmakers but some young directors with first or even school films that already reveal all their potential.


Again, in this year’s catalogue we present a small selection of films as we believe this to be the only way to fulfill the commitment with the personal relationship we insist on maintaining with the directors and their work. At the same time we introduce an overview of the upcoming films that we are sure will keep the high quality standard we are aiming for. These upcoming films, to be concluded this year and the next, are surely worth keeping an eye on.

Portugal Film is thus proud to have been side by side with so many successes in the past year and enters 2019 keeping the pledge of showing the world the vitality of Portuguese films and directors.