Vira Chudnenko

Inęs Oliveira

“The Russian lady and I used to cross each other every day at 6 a.m., as every day she used to ride her bicycle to work. But that day she was on foot. The neighbor’s dogs were barking... barking and barking…”
“To me, the body looked more of a sheep. I’ve seen dead bodies but that wasn’t a dead person to me.”
A report by two witnesses of a hideous crime committed in the idyllic landscape of Sintra. The victim was a foreigner named Vira Chudnenko.


[2017] Doclisboa - International Film Festival [Portugal] (Award for Best Portuguese Competition Film)
[2018] Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias - FICCI [Colombia]
[2018] Encontros de Cinema de Viana [Portugal]
[2018] Film Festival Herceg Novi - Montenegro Film Festival [Montenegro]
[2018] Festival de Cinema Curt'Arruda [Portugal]
[2018] Doclisboa - Macao's International Extension [Macao]
[2018] NexT International Film Festival [Romania]
[2019] Escola Secundária de Camões [Portugal]
[2019] Desobedocs [Portugal]
[2019] Parfums de Lisbonne Festival [France]
[2019] Porto Femme Film Festival (Best Portuguese Documentary Award) [Portugal]
[2020] International Short Film Festival Oberhausen [Germany]

Documentary, Film Essay
2017, Portugal, 31’

Scritp: Inês Oliveira (based on the testimonies of Amélia Dias and Lina Gomes)
Cinematography: Inês Oliveira, Paulo Menezes
Sound: Tiago Raposinho
Editing: Rui Mourão, Inês Oliveira
Production: Joana Ferreira, Isabel Machado / C.R.I.M.
Cast: Alevtina Pugatch