The Shift

Laura Carreira

Anna, an agency worker, takes her dog for a morning walk before doing her shopping. Searching through the discounted items, Anna wanders through the supermarket trying to find the most affordable necessities. As her groceries edge towards the checkout, her agency calls; she has lost her shift. The Shift aims to capture the vulnerable condition of a temporary worker and to reveal the immediate consequences of the dangerously short and ever-present distance separating employment and poverty, security and tumult.

[2020] La Biennale di Venezia - Venice International Film Festival (Short Film nominated for the European Film Awards) [Italy]
[2020] Tofifest - International Film Festival [Poland]
[2020] Aesthetica Short Film Festival [UK]
[2020] Zagreb Film Festival [Croatia]
[2021] London Short Film Festival [UK]
[2021] Destiny City Film Festival [USA]
[2021] Tampere Film Festival [Finland]
[2021] Glasgow Short Film Festival [UK]
[2021] Riga International Short Film Festival 2ANNAS [Latvia]
[2021] Human Rights Arts & Film Festival [Australia]
[2021] THIS IS SHORT [Europe]
[2021] Vienna Shorts [Austria]
[2021] Krakow Film Festival [Poland]
[2021] Hamburg Short Film Festival [Germany]
[2021] The Norwegian Short Film Festival [Norway]
[2021] ShorTS – International Film Festival [Italy]
[2021] Filmfest Dresden [Germany]
[2021] European Film Festival Palić [Serbia]
[2021] Edinburgh International Film Festival [Scotland]
[2021] IndieLisboa International Film Festival (New Talent Award) [Portugal]
[2021] Festa do Avante - CineAvante [Portugal]
[2021] Tirana International Film Festival [Albania]
[2021] Dinard Festival of British Film [France]
[2021] Frames - Portuguese Film Festival [Sweden]
[2021] Shortcutz Guimarães (Best Film, Best Director, Best Actress) [Portugal]
[2021] Festival del Cinema Europeo [Italy]
[2021] Entre Olhares - Mostra de Cinema Português [Portugal]
[2021] Inverness Film Festival [Scotland]
[2021] Shortcutz Ovar (Special Mention from the Jury; Audience Award) [Portugal]
[2021] Shortcutz Aveiro [Portugal]
[2021] O Dia Mais Curto [Portugal]
[2021] Bogotá Short Film Festival - BOGOSHORTS [Colombia]
[2022] Dublin International Film Festival [Ireland]
[2022] Glasgow Short Film Festival [UK]
[2022] Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen [The Netherlands]
[2022] ShortScape Film Festival [UK]
[2022] IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival [Bulgaria]
[2022] Anthology Film Archives [USA]
[2022] Boyne Valley International Film Festival [Ireland]
[2022] Porto Femme [Portugal]
[2023] Batalha Centro de Cinema [Portugal]
[2023] IndieLisboa - International Film Festival (Silvestre Focus) [Portugal]

2020, Portugal, United Kingdom, 9’

Script: Laura Carreira
Cinematography: Karl Kürten
Sound: John Cobban
Editing: Florian Nonnenmacher
​Production: Maeve McMahon, Mhairi Valentine / MTP
Cast: Anna Russell-Martin