Six Portraits of Pain

Teresa Villaverde

Six Portraits of Pain was born from António Pinho Vargas’ wish to give body to six short poetic essays from Gilles Deleuze, Espinoza, Thomas Bernhard, Manuel Gusmão, Paul Celan and Anna Akhmátova. 
"Teresa Villaverde’s work goes far beyond the duplication of Varga’s original musical piece and through the single experience of the silver screen it explores an existential truth that merges with the life form of her imagination and narratives. In its mix of formal austerity and poetic touch, amazes by the cinephile message it carries." João Lopes 

[2019] Doclisboa International Film Festival [Portugal] 
[2019] Caminhos do Cinema Português [Portugal]
[2019] Torino Film Festival [Italy]
[2020] International Short Film Festival Oberhausen [Germany]
[2021] Semana de Cine Portugués [Argentina]
[2022] Exground Film Fest [Argentina]

Documentary, Experimental
2019, Portugal, 25’

Cinematography: Teresa Villaverde
Music: António Pinho Vargas
Editing: Teresa Villaverde
​Production: ​Maria João Mayer / Maria & Mayer