The Kegelstatt Trio

Rita Azevedo Gomes

Jorge is making a film around "Le Trio en Mi Bémol", the only theatre play written by Éric Rohmer: Adélia and Paul have divorced long ago. One day she pays him a visit. Along the year they meet 7 times...

For Jorge, “time and time again the broom has to go over all these things, and all has to be dusted and said again, even if we don't know why..."


[2022] Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival [Germany]
[2022] JEONJU International Film Festival [Coreia do Sul]
[2022] IndieLisboa - International Film Festival (Award for Best Director in a Portuguese Feature Film) [Portugal]
[2022] Olhar de Cinema - Festival Internacional de Curitiba (Artistic Contribution Award)[Brazil]
[2022] New Horizons Film Festival [Polónia]
[2022] Love is Folly [Bulgaria]
[2022] Black Canvas FCC [Mexico]
[2022] Lima Alterna International Film Festival [Peru]
[2022] Viennale [Austria]
[2022] Mar del Plata International Film Festival [Argentina]
[2022] Leeds International Film Festival [United Kingdom]
[2022] Festival de Sevilla | Festival de Cine Europeo [Spain]
[2022] FRONTERA SUR International Non-Fiction Film Festival [Chile]
[2022] FIDOCS [Chile]
[2022] Torino Film Festival [Italy]
[2022] Portuguese Film Festival [South Korea]
[2023] Fantômas @ Cinema RITCS [Belgium]
[2023] Prémios Sophia (Nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay) [Portugal]
[2023] Universidade de Hiroshima [Japan]
[2023] Cinema-fora-dos Leões [Portugal]

2022, Portugal, Spain, 127'

Script: Rita Azevedo Gomes with Renaud Legrand (after Éric Rohmer's theatre play)
Cinematography: Jorge Quintela
Sound: Olivier Blanc, António Porém Pires, Tiago Matos
Editing: Rita Azevedo Gomes
Production: Rita Azevedo Gomes / Basilisco Filmes; Gonzalo García-Pelayo / Gong Producciones
Cast: Rita Durão, Pierre Léon, Ado Arrieta, Olivia Cábez