Júlio Alves

Born in Lisbon in 1971, Júlio Alves began working within the film industry at an early age. He began his well-established career working as an Assistant Director and Assistant Producer for several Portuguese, French and Spanish feature films and tv films. Júlio then began directing his own short films in genres such as fiction, animation and documentary. Apart from his short documentaries, he has also directed five feature length documentaries and a feature film. His works have been nominated at many national and international festivals and have also received numerous awards. Since 2000, Júlio has expanded his portfolio in directing advertising films for large Portuguese and Spanish brands. He has a Master's degree in Film Studies and Doctorate in Communication Sciences.


[2021] Dialogue of Shadows
[2020] Chantal + Pedro (short)
[2020] A Arte de Morrer Longe
[2019] Sacavém
[2018] Casa Encantada
[2017] Objectos Entre Nós (short)
[2013] Casa Manuel Vieira (short)
[2012] O Regresso
[2012] A Casa
[2010] 42,195 km (short)
[2010] O Jogo (short)
[2007] Ossudo (short)
[2000] Alferes (short)
[1996] O Despertador (short)
[1995] A Fachada (short)

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