Jorge Cramez

Jorge Cramez graduated in Media Studies in 1988. Between 1991 and 1994 he studied Film Editing at the Lisbon Theatre and Film School. He made seven short films that have been presented at important film festivals some of which have won prizes: "Desvio" [1994], "Para Matar o Tempo" [1996], "ErrosMeus" [2000], "Venus Velvet" [2001], "Nunca Estou Onde Pensas queEstou" [2003], "X" [2009], "Na Escola" [2010], "Feliz Aniversário" [2011], "Até Quando" [2012], "Um Dia Perfeito" [2014], "O Rebocador" [2015]. His first feature film, "The Golden Helmet" [2007], was selected for the official competition in Locarno Film Festival in 2007. Presently, he teaches Language and Narrative Techniques in Film and Video and Script Supervising at Lusófona University, Lisbon.


[2018] Actos de Cinema 
[2018] Antecamara 
[2017] Amor Amor
[2015] Tow Truck Driver (short)
[2014] Um Dia Perfeito (short)
[2012] Até Quando (short)
[2011] Feliz Aniversário (short)
[2010] At School (short)
[2009] X (short)
[2007] The Golden Helmet
[2003] Nunca Estou onde Pensas que Estou (short)
[2001] Venus Velvet (short)
[2000] Erros Meus (short)
[1996] Para Matar o Tempo (short)
[1994] Desvio (co-directed with Paulo Belém) (short)

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